Rider Weight Limits

We have to operate a strict rider weight limit of 14½ stone for the welfare of our horses.



Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are allowed in the car park on leads but, for the sake of rider safety, under no circumstances bring your dog in to the stable yard.  Guide dogs are allowed.



Can we ring up and book a hack or a trail ride and hire a horse and go out riding?

Health & Safety and our insurer stipulate that all new riders must undergo a brief assessment of their riding ability in our fenced in arena. This is not just for rider safety, but also for the safety of our horses.


We love taking riders out for hacks/ rides in the open countryside, but we do like to ensure high standards of riding for our horses.  We also like our riders and horses to become accustomed to each other before going out of the yard.


We keep a record of your assessment lesson so we can parnter you to the most suitable horse or pony on your next visit.



Weather - riding is an outdoor sport!

We do operate in the cold, rain and sun.


We only cancel due to weather if the roads are too dangerous to drive on, eg. deep snow, blizzards, ice or thick fog.


If this happens and you are unsure as to whether lessons will continue, we will leave a recorded message on our answer phone, and our Facebook page or call you directly to cancel.



'Buy 6, Get 7th Free'

This must be paid in full, in advance to qualify for the free session.


It's Icey/Snowy/Foggy...

We are open during the winter: if the roads are open so are we!



Payment Details

We accept cash or cheque, although no cheques for under £30 due to banking charges.  Online payments are accepted through PayPal for all major credit cards.



Online Booking

Paying online doesn't reserve you days/times.  Please call us after payment to arrange times that are convenient for you and to avoid disapointment of arriving when we are fully booked.

What Should I Wear

Long sleeves to cover arms, comfortable leggings or jodpurs.


Gloves are advised, no jewellery, long hair should be tied back.


Body Protectors are compulsory for jumping lessons, however we advise they be worn during other lessons for the protection of your back in the event of a fall.


Please ensure your child is suitably dressed for the weather/ season. No strappy tops please in the summer as they will get burnt by the sun and more chance of scratching arms up if they fall off. A suitable waterprrof jacket and over trousers for wet weather. Gloves are a good idea to prevent sore fingers.



Hat Regulations

We have hats and boots available for you to use free of charge but feel free to wear your own hat as long as it conforms to one of the following standards


BS Standards - (BSEN 1384, PAS015, ASTM F1163, SNELL E 2001)



Can we feed your horses and ponies snacks/treats?

Answer is no, due to health and safety, food can excite the horses making them more difficult to handle. So the ponies have strict feed times before and after lessons. Most of them live out at grass anyway, so they have an established routine.



Am I allowed to stay and assist /help my child in the lesson?

Yes, you are welcome to stay and help assist your child only, but this is only if the Instructor requests help.



How many private lessons do I have to have/take before I or my child can join a group lesson?

This depends on the ability and confidence. After your intial assessment/Introductory session the instructor will discuss and decide a plan. If we have many beginners all at once, we will aim to set up a new beginner group. Or if you have just returned from a long break from riding and get going quickly you may be able to join in to a group lesson fairly quickly.  We like to work our clients towards their particular needs and everyone is different.  There is less availability for private lessons so we do try and get people into groups.



If you have questions about any aspect of horse riding, site safety, payment, clothing... anything that springs to mind please call or

email us here.



Mrs Emma J. Spencer,


Illness, Injury, Cancellation Policy

Minimum 24hr notice requested

We prepare your horse/pony for riding, bringing it in, grooming and tacking up for you. Bookings that aren't cancelled in advance cost us money and can't be re-allocated, therefore we charge in full for a no-show.


We do understand that children and adults get sick. Please do contact us and we will do our best to rearrange your booking, thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weather, what to wear, cancellations and lots more…


Refunds Policy

Will be in line with distance selling regulations specific to this kind of service where applicable.



Privacy, Terms & Conditions

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Data Protection

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Child Safety & Protection

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