'Lesson Holder'


Once you become a weekly/or every other weekly rider with us at Apollo Stables we reserve your lesson space for you each week and hold it open for you.  Saving you having to re-book each week.


If however, you know that you are going on a holiday or are going to be away for an appointment coming up, then we enable a bit of le way in the way of 4 "freebies" Holiday weeks . This is where we will reserve your lesson without payment.    This is a gesture of good will as long as the riders communicate with us and let us know when. The dates must be given to us and we will keep a record of when you are away.  This can be done for 4 weeks in any full year period.


If you cannot make your normal lesson however, but still wish to ride and dont want to use up all your holiday weeks, then we are happy to arrange a "make up" lesson on another day just that week, subject to availability.   We feel this gives our riders a bit of freedom/ flexibilty and we do our best to accomodate this where ever we can.

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Riders together…

Regular Rider Benefits

Wherever we can we go the 'extra mile' for our regular riders

Discounts for Children

Two or more children from the same family, riding together in the same week qualify for a 10% discount.  We are very pleased to also offer Apollo Stables '6 for 7' promotion which is our way of giving back to our regular riders.

Illness, Injury, Cancellation Policy

Minimum 24hr notice requested


We prepare your horse/pony for riding, bringing it in, grooming and tacking up for you. Bookings that aren't cancelled in advance cost us money and can't be re-allocated, therefore we charge in full for a no-show.


We do understand that children and adults get sick. Please do contact us and we will do our best to rearrange your booking, thank you.