Lots can be worked on in a private session. We can give you the ride of your favourite horse or pony and you get one on one time working on areas that need improvement.  Private lunge lessons can greatly help with balance and posture improvment. Twenty minutes on the lunge is equivalent to an hours ridden work as it is so intense.  


Some riders choose to work on specifics like transistions to canter, or work through a dressage test to practice for a competition. The list is endless, jumping being a favourite private lesson topic.

Introductory / Assesment Sessions

What We Offer at Apollo Stables

A family business, established 2001


This is where your time at Apollo Stables begins.  If you have never sat on a pony/ horse before we take you slowly through the safety aspects around horses and the yard. Hat and boots are provided for anyone who needs them.  The equipment your pony wears (saddle and bridle) are checked with you by the Intructor and we encourage you to check the length of your own stirrup leathers and tighten the girth before mounting.  All this is double checked by your Intructor.


If you are very nervous about getting on a horse again for the first time, we are very patient with nervous riders and have a lot of experience in this area. Our horses are all very quiet and we will aim to pick the right mount to suit you.


If you are a rider who has ridden lots in the past, then an assessment is whats needed. We will still go through some basic safety aspects and ensure the horse and rider together are suited.


Is there a particular area would like to improve in?  Perhaps you need to strengthen and deepen your riding seat?  Semi-private lessons are excellent middle ground between private and group and afford you that little more personal time with the trainer.

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A group of 6-8 riders (dependant on ability) are taught over a 60 minute period.  Each rider is given one-on-one time as well as group instruction so that everyone get's the specific attention they need.


We work on a mixture of flat work, pole work, specific rider position exercices, jumping, occassional hacking, and fun and games (after all, variety is the spice of life!).



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All riders that ride at Apollo Stables who wish to go out for a hack must undergo an initial assessment in the arena before going out on a hack.  This is for insurance purposes and health and safety reasons.


Please note that we do not hire out horses without an escort; all our hacks are escorted.


We are very fortunate to be able to go straight out of our back gate onto farm tracks and can vary the route taken to keep riders and horses interest. The open fenland is beautiful at different times of the year. An evening summers hack or a winter walk across the fen are both just as enjoyable.


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Wherein riders learn a very simple Dressage test and then perform it in front of a visiting outside judge who gives the rider a mark out of ten for each movement. This gives the  riders a good opportunity to have get started in competition and start on the ladder of competition, We also run clear round showjumping events. Traing and competition. Again, mainly geared to getting riders having a go and trying for that clear round rosette. The more experienced teenagers get quite competitive and can get to a high level of riding with plenty of training/practice. This can lead them onto  further opportunities within the out side equestrian world. Some of our riders going onto careers in horses and training at college.



Fun Gymkhanas are basically another name for mounted games which we run with our riders at the summer camp, Adult Camp, Halloween fun days and christmas fun days. Also good fun and competitive. Bending race, egg and spoon race, ride and run, potato race, ball and bucket race, flag race and un mounted rider races!!



Cross country training is offered to the more experienced riders out in our cross country field. The riders and horses enjoy the open space and the obstacles!

Events Dressage, Fun Gymkhanas, Mounted Games, Cross Country

Introduction / Assesment


Private/Semi/Group Lessons


Countryside Hacks


Show Jumping


Cross Country




Weekend Camps (for adults)


Pony Club (for children)


Pony Parties (for children)




British Horse Society Exams (stages)

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for Children

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