Introductory / Assesment Session, 40 mins



If you have never sat on a pony/ horse before we take you slowly through the safety aspects around horses and the yard. Hat and boots are provided for anyone who needs them.  The equipment your pony wears (saddle and bridle) are checked with you by the Intructor and we encourage you to check the length of your own stirrup leathers and tighten the girth before mounting.  All this is double checked by your Instructor.   Safety briefing and horse handling is covered within this session.

If you are very nervous about getting on a horse again for the first time, we are very patient with nervous riders and have a lot of experience in this area. Our horses are all very quiet and we will choose the right mount to suit you.

If you are a rider who has ridden lots in the past, then an assessment is whats needed. We will still go through some basic safety aspects and ensure the horse and rider together are suited.

Please ask Emma for details about Family Discounts; where 2 or more siblings riding together weekly can save £5 each on their  Introductory Assesment.


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