Pony Club Rally (Pony Club Members Only)


Whether a newcomer or regular rider at Apollo Stables you will be able to enjoy Pony Club Rallies roughly every 6 weeks.

During rallies, riders get put into coloured rides, of other riders in the same ability/age range.  They get dressed up in their Pony Club uniform (see what to wear on the Pony Club Rally Sheet) and get judged on their turnout, shiny boots, tie tie pin, gloves etc. All of which makes good grounding for a future with horses. We aim to encourage the children to take pride in their appearance and promote independence and confidence; good life skills.

The rally format normally starts with hands on with the ponies, catching in from fields, grooming, feedind, watering. Giving the children and idea of what its like owning their own pony. Then break time and it's back to tacking up and then riding for an hour. Working on correct riding and having lots of fun with their friends on horseback.


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