Private Lessons, 50 mins


THE PRIVATE LESSON - Lots can be worked on in a private session. We can give you the ride of your favourite horse or pony and you get one on one time working on areas that need improvement.  Private lunge lessons can greatly help with balance and posture improvment. Twenty minutes on the lunge is equivalent to an hours ridden work as it is so intense.  

Some riders choose to work on specifics like transistions to canter, or work through a dressage test to practice for a competition. The list is endless, jumping being a favourite private lesson topic.

Due to insurance changes Private Lessons are only available on particular days and only if paid/booked in advance.  Please note that Private Lessons have limited availability.

Private sessions with Emma, Head Coach £45 for 50 minutes.  Payments must be followed by booking your time/s in the dieay, please call.


Questions?  Give us a call to find out more.

Please remember:

you must book your time.

Online purchasing is a convenient way to pay but does not allocate you time at the yard.


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